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Why you'd want this

Are you in search of expert guidance to lead and direct complex initiatives, ensuring they align seamlessly with your strategic vision? Our Programme Leadership service at Five is tailored to be the cornerstone of effective programme leadership. With a strong emphasis on strategic alignment and effective leadership, we are committed to making your vision a successful reality.

Where we support

* Strategic Alignment: We help you to align your programme/s with your strategic objectives, delivering meaningful business results. * Experienced Leadership: Our seasoned Programme Directors bring a wealth of experience to the table, providing expert guidance and decision-making in line with industry best practices. * Effective Communication: We facilitate transparent and continuous communication among stakeholders, ensuring everyone is well-informed and aligned with project goals.‍

How it will benefit you

* Strategic Success: Programmes are aligned with strategic objectives, ensuring meaningful business results. * Experienced Guidance: Seasoned Programme Directors provide expertise and industry best practices. * Transparent Communication: Continuous and transparent communication keeps stakeholders informed and aligned with project goals.‍

Who to talk to at Five

James Kitney

Chief Strategy and Transformation Catalyst
+64 (0) 21 1424 117

Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder and Director
+64 (0) 21 933 397

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