Architecture as a Service

Deploy our architects on demand to conquer your tech challenges.

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Why you'd want this

Are you facing complex technical challenges that require expert guidance and support? Deploy our architects on demand to conquer your tech challenges. Our architects are the tech whisperers, armed with a deep understanding of technology and the skills to crack even your most complex tech challenges.

Where we support

* Custom Architectures: Our architects create custom technology architectures to precisely fit your organisation's needs, like a bespoke suit for your tech infrastructure. * Comprehensive Tech Check-Up: Our experts perform thorough technical assessments, uncovering hidden issues, and highlighting areas for improvement. * Seamless Integration: When introducing new tech, our architects handle the heavy lifting, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. * Efficient Project Flow: We enhance interdepartmental communication and streamline project flow for seamless tech operations. * Cost Savings: Our "Architect on Demand" service lets you access expertise without the hefty expenses of hiring a full-time architect.‍

How it will benefit you

* Optimised Technology: Tailor-made architectures and technical assessments enhance your organisation's tech infrastructure. * Efficiency: Streamlined tech implementation, project flow, and communication contribute to more efficient operations. * Cost-Effective: Enjoy cost savings by paying for expertise only when needed and scaling resources as required. * Access to Expertise: Tap into a wealth of skills and knowledge from our architects, expanding your organisational capabilities. * Flexibility: No long-term commitments; our service is available when you need it, offering strategy-led tech support on your terms.‍

Who to talk to at Five

Tom Murphy

Chief Architect
+64 (0) 27 305 7602

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