Behavioural Game Design

For when e-learning just won't cut it.

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Why you'd want this

Ready to move beyond traditional e-learning? Our Behavioural Game Design is a transformative solution for organisations seeking engagement and real change. By blending game and behavioral design, we create personalised learning experiences that ensure knowledge sticks. Our innovative approach involves role-playing, imagination, and experiential learning, driving genuine transformation by tapping into neural wiring. Let us show you how.

Where we support

* Innovative Learning Approach: We revolutionise the learning process by combining game design and behavioral design for a highly engaging and effective approach. * Tailored Experiences: Our methods involve learning experiences personalised to your team, ensuring greater retention and application of knowledge. * Experiential Learning: We take learners out of their comfort zones, encouraging role-playing, imagination, and hands-on experiences to facilitate genuine transformation. * Neural Wiring Insights: Our approach taps into the science of neural wiring to drive successful change within your organisation.‍ * Proven Results: We'll show you the real impact of behavioral game design on organisational growth and development.‍

How it will benefit you

* Engaging Learning Environment: Say goodbye to ineffective e-learning, and welcome an engaging and effective learning environment that motivates employees. * Improved Knowledge Retention: Our approach fosters better knowledge retention, ensuring that the learning sticks. * Skill Development: Employees develop crucial skills through experiential learning and engagement. * Cultivate a Learning Culture: Our approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and development within your organisation. * Real Results: You'll witness the tangible results of our approach in terms of employee motivation, skill development, and organisational growth.

Who to talk to at Five

Racheal Reeves

Chief Creative and Behavioural Strategist
+64 (0) 27 665 9454

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