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Get to know your culture and turn it into your superpower.

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Why you'd want this

Unlock culture's transformative potential with Culture Discovery. We collaborate with your team to co-create a vibrant culture, utilising both qualitative and quantitative insights and immersive co-design experiences. Your team becomes culture superheroes, driving superior performance, customer satisfaction, and sustainable success, while continuously fueling improvement, innovation, and growth

Where we support

* Collaborative Co-Design: We engage your team in a collaborative process, harnessing their ideas and insights to create a unique culture.‍ * Qualitative and Quantitative Insights: We utilise both qualitative and quantitative research to gain a comprehensive understanding of your culture. * Immersive Experiences: Our immersive co-design experiences ensure your team is actively involved in shaping the culture. * Feedback and Empowerment: We share the insights back with your team, giving them the power to drive the culture transformation.‍ * Continuous Improvement: Our process fosters a positive feedback loop of continuous improvement, innovation, and growth.‍

How it will benefit you

* Superior Performance: Cultivating the right culture leads to superior performance, driven by an engaged and empowered team. * Happy Customers: When your people are excited about the culture, it translates into exceptional customer experiences and loyalty. * Sustainable Success: A strong culture leads to sustainable business success, ensuring long-term growth. * Continuous Improvement: The positive feedback loop generated by a thriving culture fuels continuous improvement, innovation, and growth. * Destination Workplace: Your organisation becomes the preferred destination for top talent, ensuring a thriving and dynamic workforce.

Who to talk to at Five

Anna Kingston

Performance Coach
+64 (0) 22 591 3440

Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder and Director
+64 (0) 21 933 397

Racheal Reeves

Chief Creative and Behavioural Strategist
+64 (0) 27 665 9454

Sally Schmall

Executive Leadership Development Lead
+64 (0) 211 984 625

James Kitney

Chief Strategy and Transformation Catalyst
+64 (0) 21 1424 117

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