Take your organisation on a journey to explore a range of possible futures to shape and influence your course

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Why you'd want this

Futures by Five is designed to immerse your organisation in the art of future thinking. We support your leaders to explore a range of possible futures to expand possibilities, challenge predictability, and actively influence the course of your future.

Where we support

* Potential Futures Exploration: Instead of adhering to a rigid future, we help your organisation envision a multitude of possibilities, expanding your strategic thinking horizons and enhancing your adaptability to various potential scenarios. * Futures Tools: We employ various tools to comprehend and visualise the direct and indirect consequences of trends and changes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential future implications for your organisation. * Trends Research & Analysis: Harness the power of emerging trends with research and insightful analysis. We guide you in interpreting these trends to shape your strategic direction and decision-making. * Strategic Roadmaps: Together, we co-create strategic roadmaps using future-focused insights as navigational aids for your organisation to confidently navigate into the future. * Futures Literacy Workshops: Our workshops aim to cultivate futures thinking skills in your team, enhancing their ability to interpret and act on signals and drivers of future change.‍

How it will benefit you

* Expansive Possibilities: Your organisation will no longer be constrained by a singular future, as you'll explore a multitude of potential scenarios, expanding your strategic thinking horizons. * Insightful Decision-Making: By harnessing trends and futures tools, you'll make well-informed decisions that align with your desired future. * Strategic Navigation: Co-created strategic roadmaps serve as effective guides, ensuring your organisation confidently ventures into the future. * Future-Ready Team: Your team will acquire futures thinking skills, improving their ability to interpret and act on future change signals, enhancing adaptability and creativity.

Who to talk to at Five

James Kitney

Chief Strategy and Transformation Catalyst
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