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Kickstart Innovation with a Design Sprint

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Why you'd want this

Ready to kickstart innovation within your organisation? Dive into our Innovation Design Sprint, an electrifying experience inspired by the ingenious Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology. This is your ticket to sparking innovative ideas and rapidly transforming them into user-centered solutions.

Where we support

* Turbocharged Brainstorming: Our process follows the footsteps of Google Ventures Design Sprints, leading your team through a structured brainstorming. Unleash your team's creativity and propel inventive ideas into the limelight. * Masterful Prototyping: We'll help you craft iterative prototypes that encapsulate your concepts, ensuring they're realistic and user-friendly. * User-Centric Testing: In alignment with Design Sprint principles, we value user feedback. Our approach involves rigorous user testing, allowing real users to provide insights for refining your solutions.‍

How it will benefit you

* Innovation at Warp Speed: Our methodology accelerates the entire innovation process. From idea generation to prototyping and testing, your organisation can deliver groundbreaking solutions to market at lightning speed. * Amplified Creativity: Our structured methodology fosters creativity within your team. It empowers you to uncover ingenious and effective solutions to your organisation's challenges. * User-Approved Solutions: Prioritising user involvement, our approach ensures that your final product resonates with your target audience. This, in turn, enhances its potential for success and adoption.

Who to talk to at Five

Racheal Reeves

Chief Creative and Behavioural Strategist
+64 (0) 27 665 9454

James Kitney

Chief Strategy and Transformation Catalyst
+64 (0) 21 1424 117

Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder and Director
+64 (0) 21 933 397

Biunca Hooper

Transformation and Agility Coach
+64 (0) 21 866 557

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