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Unique and exceptional organisations deserve unique and exceptional upskilling interventions!

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Why you'd want this

Exceptional organisations deserve exceptional upskilling interventions. What skills do your people need to conquer real-world challenges and drive your business forward? At Five, we've got the solution with our bespoke, science-backed learning programs tailored to your specific requirements. Our instructional designers are experts in leading eLearning creation tools, ready to help you build and deploy what you need. We specialise in mindset change, behaviour change, and skills practice - no off-the-shelf training courses here. Our tailored programs activate your people's potential and maximise their abilities, aligning with the potential you saw when you hired them. We don't just offer content for knowledge transfer; we equip your people to achieve remarkable outcomes for your business.

Where we support

* Bespoke Learning Programmes: We specialise in creating bespoke, science-backed learning programmes tailored to your specific needs. * End-to-End Support: We handle the complete process from scoping, designing, storyboarding, creating, to deploying eLearning modules. * Adaptability: Regardless of your preferred creation tools or the learning management system (LMS) you want to use, we have the experience and capability to support you. * Skills Enhancement: Our programmes cover a wide range of skills, including leadership, management, problem-solving, decision-making, personal effectiveness, mindset, critical thinking, facilitation, presentation, communication, performance management, sales, pitching, negotiations, well-being, and diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility.‍

How it will benefit you

* Customised Learning: Our bespoke programs are tailored to your organisation's unique needs, ensuring the most effective upskilling interventions. * End-to-End Support: We manage the entire process of designing and deploying learning programmes, taking the burden off your team. * Wide Skill Coverage: Our programs cover a broad range of skills, helping your people excel in leadership, communication, problem-solving, and more. * Enhanced Performance: Expect to see improvements in leadership, strategic problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and more, as your people's abilities are maximised. * Remarkable Outcomes: Our tailored learning interventions empower your people to achieve remarkable outcomes, benefitting both your workforce and your business.

Who to talk to at Five

Dean McKechnie

Learning designer
+64 (0) 220 490 600

Julius Goh

WalkMe Practice Lead
+64 (0) 21 215 8321

Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder and Director
+64 (0) 21 933 397

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