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Equip your departing employees with something that gives them the best chance of success with the next stage of their career.

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Why you'd want this

Empower your departing employees with the best chance for success in the next stage of their careers. In the face of the urgent need for downsizing, these challenging periods can make or break an organisation's legacy. Investing in outplacement support for departing employees extends beyond short-term considerations; it safeguards your brand, facilitates effective transitions, strengthens the alumni network, sustains employee engagement, and demonstrates ethical and corporate social responsibility. These collective benefits contribute to your company's long-term success and sustainability. Our approach to outplacement support is distinct from traditional packages, offering departing employees a solution that goes the extra mile.

Where we support

* Comprehensive Outplacement: We cover the essentials of outplacement while also incorporating research-backed, post-COVID essentials to maximize the chances of success in the next career chapter. * Holistic Career Support: Our support is designed to address the unique challenges of the current job market, providing departing employees with a competitive edge. * Retaining Advocates: Investing in outplacement ensures that departing employees remain advocates for your business and brand. * Safeguarding Intellectual Property: By offering comprehensive support, you minimize the risk of valuable IP and talent immediately benefiting competitors. * Future Collaboration Opportunities: Outplacement support opens doors for future collaboration, allowing you to tap into the skills and experience of departing employees in supplier/vendor relationships.‍

How it will benefit you

* Employee Advocacy: Departing employees who receive support are more likely to remain advocates for your business and brand, contributing to a positive reputation. * IP Protection: By providing comprehensive support, you reduce the risk of your valuable IP and talent benefiting competitors. * Retained Skills: Outplacement support creates opportunities to retain the skills and experiences of departing employees for future collaboration. * Ethical and CSR Standing: Offering outplacement support showcases your commitment to ethical and corporate social responsibility, enhancing your organisation's image. * Long-Term Sustainability: The benefits of outplacement extend beyond the immediate transition, contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of your company.‍

Who to talk to at Five

Bex Grace

Leadership and Performance Coach
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Anna Kingston

Performance Coach
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Jo Workman

Mindset Shaper
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Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder and Director
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