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Why you'd want this

Ensure you make the right People Technology purchase for your organisation. Our tech-agnostic RFP support service streamlines the process, eliminates bias, and provides expert guidance, allowing you to confidently select the software that suits your needs in this high-pressure space. We're here to keep you on track and adapt with you.

Where we support

* Comprehensive RFP Support: We provide a complete support service, including creating the RFP, developing the RFP scoring matrix, and investigating potential vendors. * Tech-Agnostic Expertise: Our tech-agnostic approach means we have no bias towards any specific solution, allowing us to serve your interests exclusively. * Clear-Cut Roles: Expect clear-cut roles, accountability that extends beyond the RFP, and team-wide alignment on the problems to be solved and the goals to be achieved. * RFP Demos and Questioning: We help ensure robust RFP demos and questioning, ensuring that you make a confident, informed decision. * High-Pressure Space: Recognising the high-pressure nature of the RFP process, we're there to support you, maintain your sanity, and adapt with you.‍

How it will benefit you

* Confident Decision-Making: Our support helps you confidently identify the right software for your organisation, ensuring that your RFP process is a success. * Objective Guidance: Our tech-agnostic stance provides you with objective guidance, free from bias, and solely focused on your interests. * Efficient Process: We streamline the RFP process, reducing avoidable complications and ensuring roles are clear and aligned. * Informed Choices: Our assistance with RFP demos and questioning ensures that you make informed choices and select the software that best suits your needs. * Peace of Mind: In a high-pressure space, our support keeps you on track, maintaining your peace of mind, and offering flexibility when needed.

Who to talk to at Five

Tom Murphy

Chief Architect
+64 (0) 27 305 7602

Nick Mackeson-Smith

Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder and Director
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