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Jess Keenan

Senior Experience Designer
+64 (0) 21 023 55 977
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Jess Keenan is a seasoned Senior Experience Designer with a robust background in qualitative research, workshop facilitation, and service design. She thrives on challenges and values personal and professional growth.

Jess’s work history includes impactful roles at Humankind, Chorus, PwC Digital, and Optimal Experience, where she led significant customer experience initiatives and internal service design projects. Her approach is characterised by strategic and creative thinking, and she excels in collaborative environments. Jess is also an active participant in the design community, having organised the Auckland Service Design Jam. She holds a Bachelor of Business in Management and Design from AUT University and has completed various leadership and agile training programs. Outside of work, Jess enjoys yoga, painting, and spending time with her two children. Her passion, adaptability, and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset in the field of experience design.

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June 3, 2024

Intentional design of your offboarding experience

Why wait to the point that you need to lay people off to determine their offboarding experience? How might we intentionally design the offboarding experience for people in a range of scenarios BEFORE we get to this point? We know with the peak-end rule, people remember an experience based of the peak of it and the end of it, so how might we consciously design the last memory they will have of your organisation so that it benefits your leaving employee and your organisation.