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Jo Workman

Mindset Shaper
+64 (0) 21 300 140
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Jo has 20 years’ experience helping clients realise their performance objectives in both Europe and New Zealand. Specialising in the development of high performance mindsets (e.g. resilience, confidence, drive, accountability) she works primarily in the areas of leadership and sales. Jo doesn’t believe in magic diet pills when it comes to creating sustainable behaviour change and positive performance improvement. It's calories in and calories out. She challenges clients to consider whether they have the foundations in place to maximise the return on their learning development investment and then works with them to fill the gaps. In a former life Jo was an academic who studied diversity and management education, including the quality of post graduate education in preparing future leaders. She draws on both her academic and corporate experience to create pragmatic solutions that are immediately obvious, to her clients and to theirs!

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