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Tom Murphy

Chief Architect
+64 (0) 27 305 7602
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Tom is our Chief Architect and all-round good guy. He has worked in web technology for over 20 years, across government, industry and start-ups. He is passionate about the relationship between organisational culture and the software it creates, and this drives his interest in agile, service-oriented architecture and open standards. He has a record of rapid transformation of troubled projects, mainly achieved through the combined magic of "be honest" and "do less". Tom has a particular skill at wrangling the complexities of people and performance data, and is experienced in HRIS, LMS, ATS, and LXP implementation. He’s the most qualified of all of us for a future career in space.

You can talk to me about:

πŸŸͺ Technology
Architecture as a Service
πŸŸͺ Technology
People Technology Discovery
🧑 People
Capability uplift

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