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Sally Schmall

Executive Leadership Development Lead
+64 (0) 211 984 625
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Sally Schmall is an expert in leadership development, executive coaching, and helping executive leaders gain traction in their roles. Sally has dedicated her career to understanding and co-creating the conditions necessary to spark leadership development, spur executive alignment and create lasting impact in Higher Education as well as complex global organisations - like Deloitte, where she was the Lead for The Greenhouse® Experience Program which enabled clients to make an impact by helping them gain the needed mindset shifts required to prepare and lead through the next wave of disruption, through exploration in creative, bespoke, immersive strategic labs in order to drive high-impact outcomes. She has over two decades of global professional experiences in HR leadership and consulting roles in Strategic Workforce Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Change Management and Executive Leadership Development. She’s widely celebrated as an expert programme designer and facilitator. Sally brings a unique combination of credibility and curiosity that enables her to quickly establish rapport with stakeholders and engage them in the leadership development and change management journey.

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I've recently written about:

Gaining traction at the executive table

Stepping into a new executive or senior leadership role is both exhilarating and daunting. Whether you’re moving to a different organisation or taking on your first senior-level position, the initial six months are critical. Challenges include managing energy, aligning stakeholder expectations, overcoming imposter syndrome, and crafting an effective transition plan. Sally Schmall discusses how by addressing these challenges, new executives can set themselves up for success and positively impact their teams and organisations.